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The Changing Trends in Mobile App Development

The Changing Trends in Mobile App Development

With exponential growth expected of new smart phone users in the next several years, staying on the edge of mobile app development is important for businesses seeking to satisfy the expectations held by consumers today. The convenience and ease a consumer has through interaction with a business through a smart phone app requires companies to consider increasingly advanced uses for those applications. An application cannot get stale or become unused.

Location based elements

Internet marketers have known for years the value of local marketing opportunities connected with a company’s website, and this value has extended to app development. Such information gathered by an app requires further consideration than the simple data regarding a person’s location. Leveraging location information must be combined with data gathered about a user’s various activities so as to provide a unique app experience.

Gamification within apps

As a hot topic influencing many aspects of the internet experience, including elements of gamification within app development is a common topic of conversation during the development phase of today’s apps. Gamification is the inclusion of game mechanics within an application so as to inspire user engagement. A consumer may utilise an app often if there is the opportunity to play a game, or be recognized for an achievement of some kind. Gamification also offers an easy way to connect an app with the social networks used by consumers.

Increased app life cycles

App development is expensive when a company does it correctly, and putting a significant amount of the company budget behind an app is likely something that should be paired with a schedule of future updates and enhancements that won’t require a complete overhaul of the app. Maintaining the app offers a prime way to keep in contact with consumers with updates that assist building of brand notoriety. Consistent roll-out of new features also offers a company a terrific way to remind consumers that a company has some great products and services.

Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Most apps created for smart phones offer similar features such as user management and social networking integration. Through the use of BaaS, a company may reduce development time on an app and save money each time updates are required for the functionality of the app. Common services from BaaS providers include the popular elements of push notifications, file storage, and chat functionality.

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Mobile wallet development

Although the technology isn’t new, mobile payment apps have started infiltrating their way into standard business apps. Consumers today expect to be able to purchase items on their smart phone, and this means integrating wallet  technology and one-click payment options into an app benefit a business greatly. The speed at which mobile payment technology is gaining acceptance in the marketplace makes it one of the biggest movers today in mobile app development trends.

Staying up-to-date regarding app development trends serves any business well because an app is the best way in the modern marketplace to remain connected to a consumer beyond standard advertising channels. Companies must consider valid methods for creating useful apps, and stay away from apps that just take up room on a consumer’s phone. Staying abreast of these popular new trends in app development should assist a business in creating an app with true value for gaining new contacts and satisfying current customers.

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